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Wanda has Montana Silver

Established in Columbus, Montana in 1973, Montana Silversmiths® is a pioneer manufacturer and distributor in the western industry.  Our skilled craftsmen are the finest in the western industry, perfecting a combination of traditional western designs and crisply executed engraving styles which include buckles, jewelry, and lifestyle products for the western enthusiasts.  The company has a solid stable of trusted brands including Montana Lifestyles™, Cowboy Kickers™ Footwear, Attitude Buckles, and  of course, the world renowned Montana Silversmiths® Buckles and Jewelry. 

Sculptures - Click image to enlarge.

"Big heart"

0.5" x 8.5x 9"



9.5"x5.5" $50.00

"One For The Wall"

10.5"x8" $150.00

"Daddy's Ranch Hands"

"Mountain Pride"

13"x8.75" $79.00

"Half Mile of Hell"


"Summer Daze"

"First Love"

11" Tall


"In Sync"

15" Tall


"Greatest story Ever Told"

"Of Stone & Steel


Post Horse


"The Crossing"


"When Beef were Wild"


"When Open Range Meets Plowed Ground"


"Better Half"


"Daddy's Girl"


"Dirty Laundry"


"Dual Determination"


"Easy 88"




"Friends for life"


"Highest Price for Beef"


"When Cowboy's Take a Dare"

$140.00 Small

"Rattle Snake"


"When Beef Were Wild"

$130.00 Small

"When Open Range Meets Plowed ground"

$140.00 Small

Vintage Collection - Click Image to enlarge

Genuine Denim Lapis Stone


Lapis Stone Bracelet$55.00

Vintage Collection


Vintage Collection


Vintage Collection$70.00

Genuine Chamois With Turquoise and Coral Stone


Vintage Ranch Keepsake Boxes

Set of 3 $70.00

Vintage Ranch Coaster Set


Carrying Cases - Click image to enlarge

3 Compartment Canvas Tote


Ladies Jewelry/Cosmetic Travel Case


Unisex Canvas Laptop Case

17"x12.5 $250.00

Unisex Canvas Briefcase$270.00

Small Canvas Backpack


Leather Tote

25"x16"x13" $175.00

Leather Tote With Wheels

17.5"x21"x9" $125.00

Leather Rope Bag

21"x6" $325.00

Leather Bag with Wheels


SideKickS Collection - Click image to enlarge

Brown Wooly SideKickS Purse


Denim/Horse SideKickS Purse


Pink/Purple SideKickS Purse


Montana Lifestyles - Click image to enlarge.

Barn Door Frame

2x3 and 4x6 $12.50

Tractor Frame

3x5 $9.50

Spreader Frame

3x5 $7.50

Pickup Frame

3x3 $7.50

Wagon Wheel Lamp

18"x10"x29.5" $150

Double Steer Horn Lamp

19"x25" $150

Tooled "Faux Leather" Lamp

25.5"x13" $100.00

Small Buffalo Lamp

21" $160

Star Lamp

20.5" $84.00

Team Roper Lamp25"x17"x8" $230.00

Elk Lamp


Montana Silversmith Bareback Kickers Sandals - Click image to enlarge

$25.00 $25.00 $25.00

Montana Silversmith Dish Sets

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